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Practical Home Schooling - Should Delinquent Children Be Home Schooled?

The key to the question lies in first finding out why the child is delinquent. Since we cannot make the remedy worse than the disease, we should know the cause of his delinquency and how he is likely to react when removed from his existing environment (presuming that he is already attending a public school) and required to fit into a system of home schooling.

Would the parent at home, (usually the mother), be able to control his unexpected bursts of tantrums and mischief better than the teachers in a traditional school?

These are some of the questions to which we seek answers before taking a final decision on home schooling a delinquent child.

In trying to assess why a child has become delinquent, the first thing that strikes our mind is whether he could be a victim of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Although exact causes and remedies for ADHD are still not known, it is believed that in many cases it initially develops from an unbearable stress that the child is made to endure.

Unable to express his feelings coherently to others, that he himself does not know in the first place except in his sub conscious, the struggle that goes within his mind manifests itself in the form of delinquent or near uncontrollable extreme mischievous behavior that occurs in spurts and bursts although no violence is intended or directed at any others in particular. Many experts and parents of such children say that home schooling has been found to totally relieve such behavioral patterns in the vast majority of cases.

Another known cause of delinquent behavior is when a child with a high IQ who quickly grasps lessons taught in class has to wait for sometimes days without any further input until the slowest child also has understood that lesson. Since he has nothing new to listen to or concentrate on, it gives rise to boredom that results in that child causing disturbances and behaving in a naughty manner for which he may even be punished by some teachers. This naughty behavior is only a step or two away from being delinquent and could be nipped in the bud by transferring him to home schooling where he could learn at his own pace.

But how do you manage a child who has already gone past that naughty stage and is already delinquent? You could of course take him out of the public school and get him to do home schooling provided the parent (mother) can have a complete control over him. If not, it is now too late for him to be cured in a home school and he may have to be referred to a child delinquent specialist for necessary diagnosis and treatment or to some institution of learning where they are geared to controlling such delinquent children.

Sometimes it so happens that the child’s seemingly naughty behavior is a sequel to a harsh environment he is already faced with. Such disruptive behavior is a silent involuntary cry from within for help that neither he nor others understand. Due to such possibilities, we should refrain from treating delinquent children in a harsh manner when it could make his condition worse. More often than not, kind and understanding treatment would be the best remedy for his disease, and this could be better provided within a home schooling environment most probably by his own mother. 
It has been observed that sometimes an ordeal of rough travel by public transport is sufficient to spur psychologically insecure children to delinquent behavior; not to mention their unexplainable behavior in the areas of playground and locker room. The core of the problem with these children appear to be their averseness to mingling with large groups for reasons only best known to psychologists. However, as a practical measure, these children can be brought back to normalcy in a home schooling environment where they could work within a small group and be exposed to larger groups in a carefully regulated manner. 

Free Ebook Download!

Give Your Child The Education They Deserve
 Right From Your Home, Teach Them More
Than High Paying Private Schools Do!

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