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Ideas for Learning Music in Home Schools

A distinct advantage of home schooling is that the children get more time on their hands and energy to spare for sports and extracurricular activities. Many parents see music as a very beneficial pursuit for their children to make use of the extra free time on their hands productively.

While most of these parents would like their children to follow music also on the same basis as they follow their general school lessons under home schooling at their own speed, a bit of a problem crops up where the parents are not well versed in music to help their offspring other than to hope that they could self learn it like most other school subjects. Although this situation poses a challenge to the parents, there are a few ways in which it could be overcome.

The easiest way out is to outsource the learning of music. A perusal of the relevant ads in the local newspaper might help you in finding the music teacher closest to your home. Depending on the distance involved, you could either arrange to send your children there or get her to come to your place for instructions. Any older children could have a try at self learning to play a simple musical instrument for a start, since once you get the knack of it, learning the theory part of it could pose no extraordinary problems than the other school lessons do. If books alone are not adequate for learning music properly, you could always find CDs and videos designed for self-teaching purposes from music shops, bookshops and libraries.
Learning to play instruments like the piano and organ properly would not be that simple to all children alike. If the closest tutor you can get to teach your children is also several miles away, you could save on gas or bus fare and the time involved in traveling to and fro by opting for online learning which is quite effective. You could find several websites with expertise in the field of online music tutoring for all grades of students from beginners to advanced students.

Online learning is achieved by the student by completing a weekly assignment off a videocast by the tutor downloaded from their website. Video lessons could be had with printed notes while the child could access online, archives of any topics or specific songs of special interest.

Your child could supplement his online learning by purchasing some “how to” books and music lessons from your nearest music store. Although audio/video and printed lessons may be very useful for the start, depending on the musical instrument being learnt, your child may continue to learn on his own as he gets into his stride.

This would come faster and far easier for children with an ear for music, for whom chords for base and accompaniment; and tempo, rhythm and timing come almost naturally. Older children with not so much of a penchant for music and very young ones can learn the significance of rhythm and tempo to music by clapping hands, tapping something with fingertips or swaying their limbs or bodies or dancing while keeping “time” with the music. Once your body recognizes the timing in music, playing a musical instrument to musical notation even if not to the ear could come quite easily as they go on playing a bit.

Free Ebook Download!

Give Your Child The Education They Deserve
 Right From Your Home, Teach Them More
Than High Paying Private Schools Do!

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