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Good And Bad Of Homeschooling - Is Home Schooling the Best and Only Option for your Child?

There is no hard and fast rule for us to differentiate between who are better suited for home schooling and who are not. They cannot give 100% personal attention to any particular student in a public school although they are known to generally proceed according to the pace of the slowest student, whereas in home schooling, it is possible to give special attention to weak children (especially when they are your own!), study their weak points and devise schemes to input lessons in a way that they could understand better.

What is more important is that they are not pressurized by teachers and peers and subjected to rude jokes and humiliation by other students to the extent that their self esteem may be shattered. Home is a place where such children could be given every encouragement to boost up their shattered self-confidence and start picking up; which is not possible in a public school where the teacher has to be fair by all students by proceeding with the lessons at a standard reasonable pace.  There are many known cases where utter failures in public schools have done remarkably well under home schooling.

It is not meant here that home schooling is only good for coaching your own children who cannot learn elsewhere. A research study conducted by the Stanford University reveals that home-schooled children on the average outshine those educated in public schools. In that context it is better if everybody could be home schooled!

But what we strive to find out here is what are the types of children who stand to gain the most by home schooling where the other alternative is to end up as failures or dropouts by attending public schools. If for example you had two children; one already showing signs of brightness and the other far too slow, should you send the brighter one to a traditional school and home school the other? No, it would further harm the weaker child psychologically. You will have to home school both.

The exact opposite situation is also presented by an extremely bright student with a high IQ who would be bored waiting for the slower ones to catch up before the teacher proceeds to the next lesson. Such a child could react by being boisterous and causing disturbances in the classroom through boredom.

Some children had been assessed by their schools as of low IQ due to their inability to read even after passing the age of three years whereas others of their age were already reading fluently. However, these students had started reading in a matter of another six weeks of coaching under their parents. If you feel that your child is trailing far behind others of his age in learning and doing things, better not risk sending him to a public school just yet. You could try to get him off the ground; and after he appears to have reached normalcy, you may send him to a traditional school, if you have no other alternative.

If you have not already sent your young ones to a traditional school yet, and if you have the capacity to home school them without any problems at least for some time, home school them by all means so that they will also not be among the children who refuse to go to school after about two years, unable to bear the pressure of public schooling any longer. The only grounds on which you could excuse yourself for not home schooling your children is when both parents have to go to work to keep the home fires burning; when you have no options other than to dispatch them to a traditional school. 

Free Ebook Download!

Give Your Child The Education They Deserve
 Right From Your Home, Teach Them More
Than High Paying Private Schools Do!

Just enter your name and email address and I'll send you the ebook instantly!!



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