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Transition  from Home Schooling to Public Schooling

You might have to end your home schooling program due to reasons such as financial, your personal health, to take up a lucrative job or difficulties in motivating your child to dedicated self studies The only option available in such an event is to send the child to a public school, where certain adjustments would have to be made. They are mainly psychological as discussed below:

The main difficulty for the child would be in fitting in to a more orderly daily routine where time does not wait; and you have to keep pace with it. He will have to wake up and get dressed early to be at school on time at quite a distance from home. While at school too, there will be many other things to do exactly on time like being at the rest room during recess and lunchtime etc.

He may possibly have to be coached on doing things briskly and being active and energetic. Depending on his nature, your child might resent all this or be very excited and eager to fit into a new timetable and new ways of doing things. You may have fewer concerns if he takes it up well. All this might involve putting him through a simulated crash program at home well ahead of the scheduled starting date of public schooling.

If your new job takes you in a different direction from your children’s new school, driving the children to the school and back in the evening might not be possible for you, when you are left with using public transport or sending them by a hired or pool vehicle. Sometimes the cost of hiring a vehicle for just one child could be prohibitive. If your children have to take public transport, and depending on how young they are, you would have to go with them to the school and back a few days until they are capable of getting in and out of the buses at the proper places, and walking and crossing roads in a systematic manner. You will also have to be alert as to how they adapt to their new surroundings and whether they make friends easily; and give them all the advice and encouragement.

If your decision to change schooling is not sudden, then you could make the transition smoother by planning for it in advance and coaching them up from a few weeks back by finding other children going to the same school from your area and getting them well acquainted by inviting them home for a few afternoons and maybe even a weekend including the nights and taking them to parks to play together and become friends. Having a few friends already in the school would boost their morale a lot and would be a source of strength and encouragement to them especially in the first week of schooling when the transition is at its toughest.

Do your children possess those qualities and skills that endear them to their equals as well as their peers? What count most in this regard are eagerness to join with others in all activities, honesty and loyalty, with a willingness to share; and support for friends; and of course a good sense of humor. Being witty would be an added qualification!
To be able poke fun at your own failings and shortcomings, respecting peers, accepting defeat with a smile and congratulating and lauding the winner magnanimously, saying things that put others at ease and make them feel great; and making others laugh or bringing a smile to their faces are qualities that would take anybody very far in any society. Generally, children home-schooled are known to rank high in good qualities and social awareness. However, if you feel your children are a little lacking in any, take some pains to instill such qualities in them by example and through friendly discussions; and your heart will abound with joy at seeing how popular and well accepted your children are!

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Give Your Child The Education They Deserve
 Right From Your Home, Teach Them More
Than High Paying Private Schools Do!

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