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Credited Home Schooling Programs

Finding free accredited online home schooling programs

Many home schoolers are looking to use credited home schooling programs. The reasons for this is clear, especially in the high school grades.If your child is using an accredited program, most schools should accept their credits. It also adds a level of creditability to your home school.

Those who criticize may be less inclined to say that home school is inferior if you use credited homeschooling programs.These programs are also great for parents who are having difficulty in the daunting task of developing their own curriculum. It makes knowing what to teach much easier.

What are the best homeschooling programs?

That really depends on what you are looking to teach. If you are looking for good secular programs you can try a program like Saxon Math series. Saxon is used by many Montessori schools and other schools so if your child transfers from home school to a traditional school or charter school this may make it easier.

Math-U-See is also a really good program. However these are just individual courses and they are not credited home schooling programs.If you require secular based credited homeschooling programs then you should check in to many of the onlinehomeschooling programs that are available like cyber schools.

One of the best secular based home school programs is The Calvert School. They are affordable and have several different enrollment options. This is an accredited school so your child’s courses are transferable and it will meet all states requirements for schooling. If you are looking for Christian homeschool programs your choices are many.

Schools such as the Grace Academy and The Jubilee Academy are good choices for credited home schooling programs that are bible based. Many local churches also support home schoolers and some will even work with you through their traditional school.

Are there free homeschooling programs available?

Yes, however credited home schooling programs cost money. If you require that your child’s homeschool curriculum is accredited, then you most likely will have to pay. There are way that you may be able to get free home school programs that are accredited.

You can see if another homeschool family will share with you, you can contact one of the credited home schooling programs a request a need based scholarship or you can ask for a donation at a website like Craig’s List or freecycle.com.

High School homeschooling programs should almost always be credited home schooling programs due to the fact that many colleges require graduation from an accredited school in order to gain admissions.

If you need a list of home school programs you should get Cathy Duffy’s book the Top 100 Home School Programs. Most libraries carry this book so you won’t even have to purchase it.All in all, finding credited home schooling programs is not a difficult task.

It takes a little bit of research but in the end that research pays off. Before you search decide if you want a secular based program or a religious based program. It will make your quest shorter. Then go and find the credited home schooling programs that best suit your needs.


Free Ebook Download!

Give Your Child The Education They Deserve
 Right From Your Home, Teach Them More
Than High Paying Private Schools Do!

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